operational excellence in airports

what does it involve?

For all of the world’s airports, the landscape is the same. There are more threats, more regulation, more people flying, and bigger, more complex infrastructure requirements. This in turn means more risk, more cost and more potential service conflicts. All of which demands a unique tailored approach designed and delivered by industry experts.

Continually changing how airports run security to address this cat’s cradle of challenges can result in over complexity and unsustainable costs. We are the only company to bring strategic thinking to aviation security management. Along with transformation in the way your airport runs, the ultimate benefit to you is reputation management – you can never guarantee that bad things won’t happen, but you can make sure you do everything right.

So what does it take to get airport security right? It requires collaborating with multiple agencies in order to minimise risk. It entails working with not against the regulators. It means adapting rather than reinventing ways of working, being proactive with your technology partners, using infrastructure to your advantage, getting more out of your providers, turning your security services into an asset rather than simply a cost.

how do we do it?

Here’s an overview of the services we offer to help you make the right things happen:

  • Strategy – future back thinking around risk, regulation and technology
  • Infrastructure – Aviation Security In Airport Design (ASIAD)
  • Capacity – checkpoint capacity and efficiency improvement
  • Operating model – aviation security team organisation design and processes
  • Compliance – assurance and performance indicators
  • Collaboration – managing relationships with regulators and security/border agencies

We will work with you in any or all of these areas. Our aviation security development programmes range from creating security logistics for new airport buildings to evaluating centralised image processing/remote screening. Our compliance and operation work has seen us working on organisation design to improve passenger screening productivity. And in terms of all-encompassing transformation, we’ve helped clients to achieve paradigm shifts in overall security performance.

case studies