Whether you need to transform your whole business or a small but vital part of it, working with us can make a big difference: fast. Not only to your bottom line, but also to everyone’s working life.

what we do

We offer five main services, all of which are interconnected and mutually reinforcing. Because complex challenges don’t fit neatly into boxes, and because everything we do is bespoke, we often combine elements from one or more of these areas of expertise – whatever it takes to rise to your challenges.

business transformation

Business transformation pulls in expertise from across our service spectrum. Using a systems thinking approach, it involves deep change across the entire organisation, harnessing the passion of your people and creating the space for everything to flow again.

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strategy execution

Working with you we’ll help to align your organisation, so that the thousands of decisions made by your people bring the strategy to life as part of everyone’s day job.

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operating model and organisation design

Our distinctive approach to operating model and organisation design will help you create a richer, more productive workplace, empowering your people to work together to deliver your strategy.

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leadership and culture change

We will help you lay the foundations for deep culture change: understanding, exploring and mapping what needs to change and why, then helping your leaders to lead with authenticity and courage – transforming the way everyone works.

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operational excellence

Using lean thinking and our proprietary approach to sustainable change, we’ll help you make sure every part of the process between you and your customer is working as well as it can, restoring flow and building in resilience and sustainability.

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what our clients say

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today’s high street retailers need to be changeable

The first in our change-able series, Henry Davies condemns convention to the scrapheap and encourages retailers to make a permanent commitment to change.

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